The traditionally designed lodges have high roofs with exposed trusses and ventilation panels placed high in the eaves. Hot air rises and the main lodge rooms stay cool and pleasant, belying the tropical heat outside The roofs are covered with modern 21st century shingles, chosen for their class one fire resistance and longevity. All rooms have ceiling fans, and are screened against insects.

In keeping with our goal to avoid the use of new hardwood and unsustainable timber, everything in the Lodges is old. Doors, windows and furniture have all been rescued from junk shops and street markets then renovated & restored. Most have been crafted from increasingly scarce, tropical hardwoods like teak and mahogany, reclaimed from earlier times when the forest’s precious resources were considered infinite.

Our Eco Lodges provide an echo from the past and a lesson for the future.

All lodges have a large balcony, back conservatory and private bathroom with rain shower. The main room is a spacious 36 square meters. Some lodges have a second floor mezzanine with additional sleeping area in the loft.