The Wild Lodge is an outdoor residential centre. Its construction has been undertaken using recycled and sustainable growth timber using local skills and labour.

The centre can accommodate around 100 people residentially using a combination of lodge stay and camping and up to 150 visitors can be provided for on a day use basis.

The Wild lodge is situated at the foot of the South side of Khao Yai National Park and we both employ members of, and work closely with, the local community. We also work with the park authorities and the local Park Ranger service.

Our Impact On The Enviroment

Electricity and cooking gas consumption
Water consumption and associated waste

Our Aims For Improvement

Commiment to long term local envorimental improvement and pollution prevention via our stated improvement plan

Setting of targets for reduction of electricty and gas consumption
Adoption of alternative fuel sources and energy forms
Discarded packaging and associated waste

Enviromental Education

Develop & sustain enviromental awareness in staff members, local community and all Wild Lodge visitors

Recycling @ The Wild Lodge

Glass, paper and plastic to be recycled in collection bins and given to local trash collectors for sale and recycling.

Kitchen waste and leftover food to be composted and used for plant and tree conservation