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Campsite Options

Campsite Options

Main Campground

Within the grounds of the main lodge this has lighting and a water supply. (There is also nightime security so therefore it is suitable for younger student groups.)

The campground has a facilities block with 6 toilets + 6 shower cubicles and a courtyard area meeting area with 3 washstands. There is also a large sink area for washing of pots/pans etc. and adjacent to the facilities block there are 2 x 3 bed bunk rooms with a private kitchen area and ensuite bathrooms and a 4 bed guides bunk room with bathroom.

Campsite Facilities

Wilderness Camp

This is situated at the foot of Doi Mot Deng 1/2km West of the Wild lodges and is a free camp area with a single unlit utility block. Water here is via 20 litre tanks, pre dropped.

Wilderness Campsite

Both sites offer direct access into Khao Yai national park and there are a number of trail loops of varying length that can be guided directly from the lodge.

Campsite and cooking gear

Using these facilities and The Wild Lodge services we are able to offer a number of camping options according to your requirements.

These range from independent free-pitching just using the wilderness site, to a full on safari experience using large canvas tents with fully made up beds and full catering.


We can offer hire of a full range of camping and cooking equipment available for those wishing to conduct outdoor expeditions of their own or cater for themselves from a tent.