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The campsite is positioned within an existing fruit orchard with mango, lychee and pomello trees in abundance. These provide ample shade for campers and 'farm to table' deserts.

The grounds are extensive and can easily accommodate 80 plus campers. There are 2 sites which allow for plenty of space.

Enjoy wandering along the river bank watching local fisherman still using traditional fishing nets or just wait for an elephant to wander by.

Camp Amenities

The 2 facilities blocks with 7 toilets and  showers utilize the gravity flush/wash system to minimise water waste. Where as your home shower would use up to 17 gallons of water this system typically requires only 2 gallons. All waste is stored in under ground tanks to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment.

Mains electricity is available throughout the site. Battery packs charged by solar panels provide nighttime lighting around the camp.


We can offer hire of a full range of camping and cooking equipment available for those wishing to conduct outdoor expeditions of their own or cater for themselves from a tent.