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School & College Groups - Frequently Asked Questions

School & College Groups - Frequently Asked Questions

What does a student gain from a program?

The aim of our programs is to help the personal development of the participant. Challenge, teamwork and a stimulating environment give participants new experiences, and encourage them to think outside the normal confines of the workplace or classroom.

Can the programs be tailored to our needs?

Absolutely. A number of our expedition style programs can be adapted for use in the International Youth Award Scheme and we are also familiar with the requirements for GCSE Phs. ed. outdoor specialties. Video taping of trips or activities can be provided on request.

A client/student welfare representative can be taken on a pre visit to sites prior to the finalization of programs to address any supervisory or safety issues and to dicsuss program customisation and optimisation. Please contact us for more details.

How long is a typical program?

The duration of our programs runs from a few hours to full two week expeditions. All locations and programs are flexible in terms of duration. Programs can be designed either for schools and colleges or for business. Schools and college programs start from Academic Year four.

What are the guidelines used in designing programs?

Safety: A primary concern when choosing locations and activities.
Fun & Adventure: After safety, the second most important component of our programs.
Educational Validity / Workplace Relevance: Either curriculum based in consultation with teaching staff or experiential.
Support: We provide comprehensive pre-trip information and guidelines & post trip feedback.

Activity venues

All venues are chosen taking into account safety and suitability for activities. All venues are inspected prior to arrival and fire drills are carried out with the participants on arrival. Smoke detectors are also fitted In addtion to facilities at the Wild Lodge some of our off site venues have conference facilities which means our programs can be run in conjunction with seminars or split academic / activity programs.


A variety of transport is used in our programs including overnight trains, air conditioned coaches and minibuses. All vehicles used are checked and licensed to carry passengers. All drivers are professionals and also subject to checks. Traddtional Song taew type transport may be used on local runs but is operated under our own SOP’s

All participants are given full briefings on the type of transport used on the program.


All programs are supervised by a highly experienced team of Thai and expatriate staff. We pride ourselves on our exemplary safety record. As some of our activities could be viewed as potentially risky, the safety of our participants is always top priority. All participants individualy insured under our group insurance policy.

Every member of our team is medically trained. We can also offer CPR and First Aid training via our in-house instructors.

Comprehensive evacuation plans are in place for all locations and local clinics and hospitals are informed in advance of events in their area. First aid kits are carried on all activities