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Residential Programs for Schools and Colleges at the Wild Lodge

Residential Programs

At the Wild lodge we offer tailor-made residential and day use programs for schools & colleges.

Our location just 1 ½ hours from Bangkok via coach make day trips possible and reduces travel time and costs.

The aim of our programs is to help personal development through challenge, team-work, field projects and a stimulating environment that forces individuals to think differently than when in the classroom or workplace. It has been proved that the enrichment of an individuals life outside of the workplace/classroom increases their chances of performing better, inside it.

While we use our experience to advise you of the adventure based aspects, all of our programs are arrived at after discussing the requirements of each individual client.

The content of our programs is flexible as is the duration and scheduling, we are able to offer this as we operate all of our activities in house using our own trained staff and equipment.

All of our programs and activities are operated as per best preferred practice as laid out by either National Governing Bodies ( BCU, PADI etc) or the UK based Adventure Activities Licensing Authority http://www.aals.org.uk/ and our code of practice is available on request. Full risk assessments are provided for each residential program and our generic activity risk assessments are also available on request.

On this page are a number of downloadable PDF files giving some sample programs at the lodge. Please contact us for more details.

In addition to the programs based at the Wild Lodge we are also able to offer a number of additional programs throughout Thailand, including Whitewater rafting expeditions, Ocean and beach study, scuba diving and reef study.

We have conducted programs over the last 14 years for thousands of students and numerous companies. We are happy to furnish references, sample programs or contact details for current schools, Colleges or corporate clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us.