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The International Youth Award

The International Award is an exciting self-development program available to all 14 to 25 year olds. Launched in the UK in 1956 as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Program has now spread to 126 countries. Over 6 million young people worldwide have taken up the Award challenge.

The Award is tough but it is about individual challenge, not about reaching specific standards set by someone else. Young people design their own Award Program, set their own goals, and record their own progress. The only person they compete against is themselves, by challenging their own beliefs about what they can achieve.

International Youth Award Group

Young people who do the Award:

  • Discover what they are made of
  • Make an impact on their community
  • Develop a set of life skills
  • And most of all, have fun!

The three Level, four Section format of the Award Program makes it very versatile. It can be adapted so that it is relevant to any young person, anywhere in the world.

Three Levels

The Program is based around three Levels, each successive one requiring a greater degree of commitment.

  • BRONZE is for those over 14. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 6 months
  • SILVER is for those over 15. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 12 months
  • GOLD is for those over 16. The minimum period of participation to gain this Award is 18 months

It is possible to start at any Level – some participants work their way through all three, while others start at Silver or Gold.

Four Sections

To gain an Award, participants must complete activities in four Sections for a specified minimum period of time. There is an additional requirement of a Residential Project at Gold Level. Participants decide what they would like to do for each Section.

Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Journey Iya Trek


Participants engage with their community and discover the impact they can have through:

  • Community service projects
  • Conservation work
  • Voluntary service in hospitals or community homes
  • More specialized training such as lifesaving, first aid or rescue services.

Adventurous Journey

The Adventurous Journey is about adventure and discovery. Participants develop an understanding of the environment, and the importance of working together in a team with a common purpose. It can be on foot, by bicycle, boat or on horseback. Training, preparation, self sufficiency and self-reliance are the key elements.


The Skills Section is about developing personal interests and learning practical skills. There are almost limitless possibilities to choose from. There is no set standard that participants must reach: they set their own goals and measure their progress against them.

Physical Recreation

By undertaking some form of organized and regular physical activity, participants show perseverance and improve their fitness. Their goal is to record their individual progress. Most team and individual sports are included, such as football, athletics, and archery.

Residential Project

This is only a requirement at Gold Level. It aims to broaden experience through living and working with others (who are not everyday companions). The project takes place over a period of five consecutive days. It requires resilience, adaptability and consideration for others.

The Award is not an organization, but a program – any group working with young people can run the Award. This is the great strength of the Program, as it means that it can be used in prisons, by Scout and Guide groups, or in youth clubs.

For More details check out www.intaward.org

International Youth Award Training Programs @ The Wild Lodge

At the Wild Lodge we provide assistance to schools and colleges who offer the award to their students mostly within the adventurous journey section although on occasion we have assisted with adventure sports as part of skills and setting up community service projects within Hill tribe villages and schools.

The Wild Lodge offers such activities as trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, canyoning, climbing, abseiling, high and low ropes challenge courses, first aid courses and archery all of which can be utilized to complete portions of the award as one, two, three or four day programs. The location is ideally set up for both training and expedition level trips with facilities to meet both demands. Individual activities or a combination of activities can be used for single or multi day expeditions.

In addition to our on site programs at the Wild Lodge we have a number of locations around Thailand which are ideal for all levels of the IYA program both for training and for assessment. They involve navigating and exploring the islands, coasts and lakes of Thailand using a choice of double sit-on-top, single sit-on-top or single touring kayaks and open canoes. Participants either carry all equipment and supplies, or this can be transferred using the support boat depending on the level of the award.

Emphasis is placed on the students to plan and carry out the full expedition with as little help from outside as possible.

The Wild Planet staff can provide comprehensive training in all areas of the expedition or act in a stand off supervisory role ready to offer any emergency and logistical assistance required, again depending on the level and purpose of the award.

Students either camp in tents, or stay in bungalow accommodation. They carry and prepare all their own meals. All equipment is provided, although at the award level students are encouraged to start investing in some of their own personal equipment, such as dry bags, water bottles, sleeping bags etc.

Itineraries are created on a case by case basis after consultation with the client creating an individual tailor made program. Below you will find brief outlines of the various locations used. Please contact us for a sample program or to create your own personal program.

IYA expedition and training locations

Location: The Wild Lodge, Khao Yai, Nahkon Nayok Province
Award Level: Bronze, Silver & Gold Training and Assessment
Season: All year round

The Wild Lodge is a purpose built adventure camp located on the southern boundary of Khao Yai National Park. It can be reached by road in about 2 hours from Bangkok. Accommodation is in our custom built lodges or in tents, with many campsites to choose from.

Location: Koh Chang National Park, Trat Province
Award Level: Bronze, Silver & Gold Training and Assessment
Season: November - April

Situated on the South-East coast of Koh Chang, the Ao Salek Pet region offers an ideal location for two, three and four day programs. Koh Chang is reached by road and ferry, and the journey takes about 5 hours. The program can be based in the sheltered inlet or island hopping around the archipelago. Accommodation is in bungalows or tents.

Location: Koh Samet National Park, Rayong Province
Award Level: Bronze, Silver & Gold Training and Assessment
Season: November - April

Koh Samet is located on the Eastern seaboard of Thailand. Programs can be run over two, three or four days. Koh Samet is reached by road and ferry, and the journey takes about 4 hours. Programs can be based solely around the island, or alternatively they can incorporate the surrounding islands and mainland. Accommodation is in bungalows or tents.

Location: Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province
Award Level: Bronze & Silver Training and Assessment
Season: May - October

Khao Sam Roi Yot is located on the south eastern coast of Thailand. It is reached by road and the journey takes about 4 hours. Programs involve following the mainland coast whilst exploring the various islands and caves along the way such as the Phraya Nahkon Cave and Sai Cave, and can be run over two or three days. Accommodation is in bungalows or tents.

Location: Ang Thong National Marine Park, Surrathani Province
Award Level: Bronze, Silver & Gold Training and Assessment
Season: May – October

Ang Thong National Marine Park is located in the south of Thailand, reachable by air (Koh Samui or Surrathani), rail (Surrathani) or road. Journey times range from 2 hours by air to 12 hours by train. Programs can be two, three of four days in duration, navigating the marine parks islands, or making crossings to Koh Samui or the mainland. Accommodation is in bungalows, on board the support boat or in tents.