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Corporate Team Development

Team Development

Many successful companies., blue chip and otherwise incorporate outdoor training in to their personnel development programmes. Real tasks with real consequences within the development program provide an experience with lasting results. To enable you to achieve these results with your group we offer several options of practical, action-based team development days. These days use the activities themselves to promote learning and understanding. We’re feel our location, on the edge of Khao Yai National Park, and the enthusiasm and experience of our facilitators and instructors creates a learning environment that’s second to none within Thailand.

Base Camp

Our purpose built Eco Lodge is unrivaled as a base for outdoor activity. But it is our philosophy towards our clients and programs that make us unique. We go out of our way to be flexible, and this coupled with thai hospitality will make your program with us as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

So when reviewing our programs if there are things that you would like to add or to change, please email or call and we will be able to accommodate your requirements.

Our instructors are dedicated to sharing their love for the outdoors and of outdoor activities. They are all dedicated professionals who believe firmly in ‘challenge by choice’ which put simply means that each person has the right to choose how much they are involved in any activity and how much they want to ‘challenge’ themselves.

Corporate Team Development Team Building

The Activities

A team development event can be productive and rewarding in many ways helping to forge links between departments, integrate new staff and improve personal skills including communication, problem solving, leadership, planning, innovation and delegation. The nature of the adventure activities we offer from the Wild Lodge allow your team to further develop trust, confidence and understanding whilst incorporating the importance of effective leadership and communication.

Each of our adventure activities provides a shared learning experience where your team must work together in an unfamiliar environment to succeed. In most cases your team will have had little or no experience in these activities beforehand and the process of experiencing and learning new skills together bring enjoyable and enriching rewards and above all, lots of fun.

We tend concentrate on making sure you have a great time in the outdoors mostly we choose not to follow up our team development activities with formal reviews or analysis other than a very short session debrief, However if a formlised debrief session is preferred then we can liase with your HR staff to help them achieve this.

Below are a number of day activities. These can be utilised individually or over several days to make up a longer program. We recommend that the first activity undertaken by your team is either the Eagles and Hens

Either of these two activities allow our instructors to gauge the team’s abilities and personalities enabling tour staff to tailor the more complex challenges that follow. There are also a number of basic skills learned during these challenges which can be used by the group on the other days, increasing the effectiveness of the team development process. Therefore If you would like to join us on a one-day team development day on your first visit you will need to choose between the ‘The eagles nest, “Castaway’ or the Than Rattana Ascent as the other challenges require a briefing on the preceding day and rely on previously acquired skills.

“The Eagles Nest”

This day of enjoyable outdoor activity begins with a full session on our low ropes course, situated in a shaded glade in the centre of the Wild lodge grounds

As you work your way around the Low Ropes Challenge your team comes together to overcome each problem in turn. Calling on the collective contributions of every team member – drawing on their ideas, support, and effort to achieve a team goal, each exercise is performed low to the ground minimising risk and anxiety whilst allowing the team to progress at a comfortable pace.

This perfect ‘ice breaker’ activity is followed by lunch then we move to the Aerial Challenged course. Under our instructor’s watchful eye, the team will have the task of belaying each other as they complete the challenges 8 metres off the ground, discussing and agreeing the level of personal challenge, individual goals and the demands upon and responsibilities towards other members of the group.


This interesting and highly enjoyable day finds your group on a hunt for valuable rafting materials with the ultimate aim of building your own raft. A raft seaworthy enough to set sail on to the lake to retrieve the ‘bubbly’ and eventually toast your success.

The strength, stability, and ultimately the buoyancy of your raft depends on the materials your team ‘unlocks’ during the morning challenges. Each activity-based task you successfully complete earns points, which can be exchanged for a broad range of rafting materials.

The day calls for a diverse spectrum of communication and decision making skills. And it’s heads down right from the start as the team has to plan the day together, choosing activities, booking time slots and assessing their overall needs. This offers an opportunity for the team to tailor the problems and activities to suit their collective abilities and strengths. After that it’s a race against time where you struggle to get your team to each location on time for the pre-booked challenge before working together to complete the tasks and challenges.

Add to this the complexities of selecting the best materials, designing and building a practical raft and getting it into the water in one piece and you have a fantastic recipe for team development - and for great fun.

“Than Rattana Ascent”

Team Building Exercises Team Building Exercises Team Building Exercises Team Building Exercises

It’s adventure all the way as you scramble upsteam, clambering over wet rocks against the flow of water using ropes and essential climbing equipment for protection as you go.

But before you can even do this you must plan equipment for the ascent and load the kayaks and paddle across Wang Bon resevoir to ascend the initial waterfall.

Teamwork and communication are vital if your team are to successfully climb this steep valley stream. Working on the ‘challenge by choice’ principle your group can choose the extent and intensity of their own experience. Whatever your choice, you can be sure you’ll have to work together, keeping each other safe as you move as a team on your way to the top.

This is a truly different challenge and offers a physically and mentally demanding experience with inspiring rewards. It is a unique, adventure in a beautiful natural environment requiring commitment and cooperation from all involved.

Khao Mot Deng Traverse

This classic team development day blends the best mountain scenery with a great opportunity to develop your teams communication and interpersonal skills. As a team you are challenged with navigating the traverse of Khao Mot Deng.

During an early evening planning meeting the night before the challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to learn basic skills. Skills you’ll need to rely on the next day.

The Following morning, after planning your route, selecting and packing equipment and discussing the group’s individual and collective goals, concerns and responsibilities, you’ll set off up the Hill. There is no buffet lunch on this challenge, the group will be carrying everything in their own packs.

With our instructors alongside you all the way, you’ll walk to the top of the mountain, using map and compass to pick your way through the jungle occaisionally veiwing Khao Ito in the distance. Along the way your team will be presented with some challenges requiring teamwork and effective decision-making. These decisions are often made more complex by the terrain and the tropical jungle enviroment. Although this is quite a physically demanding challenge, it can be very rewarding and requires a unique blend of motivation from the group.

The Khao Mot Deng Traverse is a superb and strenuous day out which carries with it a fantastic sense of group achievement. It will leave your team acutely aware of their strengths and abilities and provide some great memories.

Khao Yai Jungle Challenge

An evening briefing the night before this event provides an opportunity to master basic navigation skills and gather other information you think might be useful during the challenge.

The next morning your team will gather to select and plan a route. With various challenges and routes available, one can be selected to suit your groups objectives and abilities perfectly.

Once underway the Forest Challenge requires your group to navigate from one checkpoint to another negotiating a task at each point to ‘unlock’ the co-ordinates of the next challenge-rendezvous. Navigation in dense jungle is difficult as visual landmarks are often unavailable, leading to an amplified need for effective leadership, decision-making and team input. The challenges that must be overcome vary in nature, combining to bring out a wide spectrum of skills from the entire team.

After following the route correctly and negotiating each task successfully your group will find themselves back at The Wild Lodge for the final challenge of the event.

This is an exciting day spent in Khao Yai covering terrain that is a little easier than the Khao Mot Deng Challenge.


If a group is visiting us for a second time but is limited as to the duration of their stay then it is possible to conduct the briefing phase in a lead up evening prior to arrival at the Wild lodge in a location of their choice.