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Adventure Days

Adventure Days - Aerial Challenge

If you would like to bring a group to join us in Khao Yai for a taste of adventure you will find our experience, knowledge and expertise invaluable to ensuring you have a memorable day for all the right reasons.

Our location on the edge of the park only 90 minutes from Bangkok make us an ideal choice for groups of friends, schools, companies and clubs. Birthdays, stag and hen adventure days all groups can be catered for.

We gain a lot of satisfaction from introducing beginers to adventure sports making sure that they enjoy themselves and progress at a pace they feel comfortable with, we like to work with you to tailor a unique adventure for your group.

Everything is maintained to high standards at the Wild Lodge, from instruction and equipment to the facilties themselves in order to make your day enjoyable.

We offer several different adventure experiences. For day visitors or groups staying within the area we offer advernture days. For visitng groups that want to gain the most from the adventure day and not have to rush back home, we have the option of self-catered camping or a catered overnight stay with us within the lodges.

Have a look at the options and then contact us to arrange your adventure day.

Adventure Days Adventure Days

Group Size

We have two types of groups sessions, one for small groups and one for large groups.

Groups of less than 15 people can split the day into two sessions of any of the activities listed below.

Or if you would prefer to concentrate with more in depth instrcution then the entire day can be dedicated to one activity.

For groups of more than 15 then costs are reduced and more than one activity session can be run at the same time. With larger groups we can offer multiple activites with particpants choosing 3 or more options.

However if you would rather spend the day on one activity that is also possible with multiple groups independantly completing the same acitivty.

Adventure Activities

If you have never tried “adventure sports” then this is the perfect introduction. Choose from the activities listed below, we will provide the expertise and the equipment all you will be required to bring is enthusiasm.

Adventure Days Adventure Days Adventure Days Adventure Days

Wang bon resevoir nearby provides the perfect location to learn and develop the skills required for either kayaking or canoeing, games help the learning process or add to the fun.

After being taught to read and follow a map, groups are split into small teams which comete to find control points located within the immediate areas of the Wild Lodge.

Aerial Challenge Course
A challenging activity for teams or individuals on our overhead ropes course 8 metres above the ground.

Low Challenges
Ground based chalenges for teams and individuals on our purpose built course within the grounds of the Lodge. Groups work together on problem solving tasks, and comunication plays a large parts as groups work though wach problem in search of a solution.

Park trek
A challenging climb though the park to the platuea of Khao Mot deng above the Wild Lodge. There is a choice of decending the way that you came or a more strenous route down the stream bed that emerges to run along side the camp area.

Seasonally dependant, whitewater rafting is possible on either of two local sites. In addtion a session on either the local whitewater course and playwave using inflatable rafts and wave boards or playboatscan be integrated. All that is required is water confidence, full instruction and equipment provided.

Mountain Biking
Choose from a easy loop though the surroundings rice paddies and plantations or a full on downhill descent down Khao Ito. And coming Late 2008 our own North Shore style obstacles within the immediate area of the Wild Lodge.

Overhead Wire
In addition to our fixed elements we have an overhead safety cable system that allows us to operate a range of exciting and adventurous stunts. Ranging from “the orange box tower” to the “flying squirrel”. These tasks can be tailored to the requirements of the groups and provide everything from complex problems to flat out exciting.

Zip Wire
The Zip is a 100m steel cable that the participant leaves the course by. The cable exits at 9m high from the Aerial challenge course and descends down over the campsite to a large tree and catch netting on the river bank at the edge of the Wild Lodge. Participants land on the catch netting at 4m high and then either are belayed or “crab claw” themselves down to the ground

For those that would like a little reflection and a change of pace amongst all the adventure we can offer a thai cusine session in our Wild lodge kitchen learning the preparation of a few popular thai dishes cooked over the traditonal clay pot stove.

Again on the theme of relaxation an reflection we can bring in our resident birding expert to guide you on a discovery trip around the national park.

Notes on Adventure Days

  • Participants must be 8 or above.
  • The instructor always has ultimate veto with regards to wether or not participants can undertake activities
  • Assumtion of risk forms + Full disclosure of any medical conditions must be completed prior to joining adventure days
  • Instructors will assume full responsibility for the groups during sessions. The visiting group leaders are responsible for supervision between sessions. e.g.at lunchtime, in the evenings and overnight. (as laid down in our code of practise.)
  • All specialist equipment is provided.
  • All those canoeing/kayaking/rafting must be water confident.
  • Overseas visitors must make sure the group can communicate in English or Thai either directly or via translator.
  • For special needs groups,alternate arrangements may be necessary,please mail or call to discuss your requirements before booking.
  • All our instructors are appropriately qualified and experienced.
  • All sessions are entirely weather dependent.Everyeffort will be made to accommodate your booking but should conditions be such that we cannot run your session we will offer an alternative activity.
  • To ensure the well-being of the group a visiting staff/adult ratio of at least one to ten young people is required unless by prior arrangement.