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Trek & Navigation

Trekking into the Hills

At the Wild Lodge we think everyone should be able to head off into the Hills with confidence. The workshops and skills courses below are designed to furnish you with confidence to strike out and explore what Asia has to offer.

Trekking Skills

If you’re a regular walker but lack the confidence to stray off the beaten track, then this weeknd will help to improve your navigation, route planning, and knowledge of both emergency procedures and the asian environment. Throughout this practical course you will have the opportunity to explore some of the terrain surrounding the Wild Lodge

Previous experience- an interest in trekking rather than experience is important.

Trekking Waterfall Trekking

Basic Navigation Workshop

Trekking Gps
Using a GPS

Let our instructors take you through every aspect of basic navigation from symbols, scales and grid references to ground shape, measuring distance, taking bearings and using a compass. The perfect course to equip you with the basic skills to explore the mountains with confidence.

Previous experience- none required.

Using a GPS Workshop

Whether you have a GPS and you’re not sure that you are getting the most from it or you’re thinking of buying one and you’d like to learn the ropes before you invest, this is an ideal route. Out on the hill you’ll discover just how much you can and can’t rely on this revolutionary navigational aid. You’ll even find out what to do in the event of its failure. During the course you’ll also gain an understanding of ‘Map Memory’ software.

Previous experience -basic navigation understanding.

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